Monday, February 09, 2009

The Desperate Deliverer, Part 2

Not content to scare the American people and Congress into supporting and passing his "stimulus" package last Thursday night, Barack Obama is at it again tonight. In his first prime time news conference the Chosen One jumped out of the chute with apocalyptic language designed to scare the hell out of the public and present himself as the saviour. The main theme of his introductory speech tonight was that a catastrophe will engulf the nation if his economic "recovery" bill isn't passed. A catastrophe! Oy vey! Boy I'm glad we have the next best thing to Jesus Christ sitting in the Oval Office.

Obama sounded as desperate tonight as he did last Thursday. There's no time to actually think about what's in the "stimulus" bill, there's only time to pass it. Remember, catastrophe awaits us if we don't. But the Guru also seemed determined to cushion himself from the fallout in case his economic magic bullet doesn't work. More than once the Messiah whined about the policies of the last eight years and how he inherited the current economic mess. Translation: if this "stimulus" thing doesn't work it's Bush's fault. Nope, no partisanship there. No wonder virtually all Congressional Republicans are against this plan.

Barack Obama is very concerned about something but it's not the poor, unemployed folks in middle America; you know, the ones bitterly clinging to their God and their guns. What the Anointed One is worried about is his place in history. He's not satisfied with being the first Black president, he wants to be a heroic president, too. He wants to be a living legend; he wants to be our salvation. This economic plan is designed to get him there...if it works. Dear Leader feverishly hopes it will but for his sake, not yours or mine. Yep, the Deliverer was desperate again tonight. I hope he stays that way.


Anonymous said...

Cutting satire and humorous reality, all balled into one Post. This one is great. But people, do not think that my first lines here say it is okay. It isn't. Obama is bound and determined to destroy this nation, and sadly, only the Conservatives, and a few Republicans have it. No one else seems to grasp this concept of destruction of the nation.


mccommas said...

He looked a bit desperate to me as well. Any other Democrat would not fret over not getting Republican votes.

I am not sure if that makes him smarter or not. Stay tuned.

I know Republicans were smart to vote no.

Skunkfeathers said...

Obama has learned his trade from America-haters well. People like Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Sal Alinsky, et al.

HE has been voted in to save us. If HE can't, it's someone elses' fault. Throwing tons of money at flawed and proven-failed programs isn't the problem; people wanting to keep more of what they earn, and to be entrepreneurial, ambitious, THAT is the problem (so says Robert Reich, another Obamination mouthpiece recently). People who don't want to be led into the sphere of perpetual dependence on an evergrowing government that tells us how to think, what to say, how to eat, how to live, where to live, and how to give our hard-earned taxes to deadbeats...WE are the problem, according to the Mess-i-duh.

All I can figure is, socialist dumbed down education of the past 30 years has succeeded in making enough voting Americans stupid enough to fall for the lies this person spread on the campaign trail. Helped, of course, by a drooling, "tingly-legged" slavish media.

I hope to see enough voter remorse kick in that voter apathy becomes voter anger in '10, sending Bela Pelosi & Co. packing. Same for Obama in '12.

Seane-Anna said...

Here, here! Skunky!