Monday, December 22, 2008

What We Can Learn From The Munchkins

Last night I watched "The Wizard of Oz" for the first time in years and while I was enjoying the film it suddenly occurred to me that this movie can actually teach us something. I realized that during the scene where Dorothy first arrives in Oz. As you may recall, Dorothy's house is picked up by a tornado and dropped into Munchkinland, falling on the wicked witch of the east (WWE) and killing her. After being reassured by Glenda, the good witch of the north, that Dorothy is not a witch herself the Munchkins emerge from hiding and begin thanking Dorothy for killing the wicked witch of the east. Then they start wondering if the WWE is really dead and then start rejoicing when it's confirmed that she is. The cute little Munchkins sing gleefully over the WWE's demise. It's really quite morbid...and informative.

The Munchkins rejoiced over the death of their enemy. And they were totally unashamed and unapologetic about it, and therein lies the lesson. We should be the same way about the defeat, destruction, and/or death of OUR enemies, from the Reds to the sand Nazis. Every time we blow al-Qaeda operatives to hell we should dance in the streets. Every time Israel scores against Hamas scum we should dance in the streets. When our great troops overthrew the mad tyrant Saddam Husein we should've danced in the streets. When our great troops kicked jihadi ass in Fallujah we should've danced in the streets. When our enemies are destroyed; when our enemies are defeated; when our enemies are scattered before us, WE SHOULD DANCE IN THE STREETS!!!!

Such sentiment is anathema to the PC whipped, left-wing, "peace" crowd. For those people, to achieve victory over our enemies, to kill them and be happy about it, is THE unforgivable sin. And it has nothing to do with hating war. The "peace" crowd is opposed to and appalled by victory, and any celebration thereof, because they are against America not war. This crowd subscribes to a worldview that casts America as uniquely guilty and, consequently, undeserving of the moral right to be right. That's why America winning is so repugnant to them. These people need to be tread under by tanks just like our enemies, because that is exactly what they are.

It's time to kick the "peace" crowd to the curb and follow the example of the adorable Munchkins. They raised their sweet, innocent voices in praise of their enemy's demise and so should we. And this was no quick, painless death they were celebrating. The wicked witch of the east was CRUSHED to death. Yet a joyous cry went out in Munchkinland: Ding! Dong! The witch is dead!

Winning is nothing to be ashamed of. Good SHOULD triumph over evil, and America is the good guy here. We're right; they're wrong. We win; they lose. We kill; they die. And then we CELEBRATE. Just like the Munchkins.


JMK said...

The reason for that (the failure of Americans to rejoice over our victories) is that there are just too many "ahistoric Americans" Seane-Anna....Americans who have no real understanding of history.

America DID rejoice after WW I and especially after WII.

Then we fought two "holding campaigns" (Korea and Vietnam), fighting not so much to "win," but to stop "Communist expansion."

But Communism was expanding throughout the West, in academia and in media, often financed by some of the wealthiest Westerners.


Because NOTHING benefits the truly rich so much as "freezing the economy in place, in effect cementing their winning position." It's like feudalism, only without the pesky thing about having to have been born into royalty to actually control things.

A lot of misguided, miseducated Americans came to embrace the inane idea that "America has not always been a force for good," in their view, "far from it," as the American Left came to see America's righteous anti-Communism (which is really only a logical extension of its anti-nazism) as "anti-worker" and "anti-poor." That's how misguided, miseducated and just plain dumb many on the American Left are!

These same people seek to blame the CIA for the assassinations of JFK and RFK (two of the most ardent anti-communists of their day....RFK was actually Joe McCarthy's "right-hand man," along with Roy Cohen in the 1950s), the assassination of MLK, etc.

The reason such people believe so many of the things they do is because they are ahistoric.

They fail to understand that the same FBI that DID spy on Americans deemed to be "subversive threats" was the SAME FBI that helped bring Nixon down after he and some of his top aides engaged in criminal misconduct.

The same CIA that undermined Communists movements in Chile, Jamaica, El Salvador and Nicaragua, was also the same one that relentlessly tracked down nazis throughout the world (nazism is merely communism's evil twin) during the same period.

Seane-Anna said...

You're right on target, JMK. Too many Americans ARE totally, tragically ahistoric, and that allows our enemies, foreign and domestic, to eat us alive. I guess it's up to blogs like yours and to correct this sorry state of affairs. And while you corrected liberal's misinformation on the FBI you forgot about their other bete noire, the House UnAmerican Activities Committee.

All we ever hear about the HUAC is how it "persecuted" Reds in the entertainment industry and instituted the infamous blacklist. What the liberals never tell us is that the HUAC was created in the '30's to hunt down suspected Nazi spies and/or sympathizers in America. Yeah, that evil instrument of the crazed, warmongering Red Scare actually started out going after fascists. Bet you won't find that in your kids' textbooks.

JMK said...

..."that evil instrument of the crazed, warmongering Red Scare actually started out going after fascists." (Seane-Anna)
Ironically enough, the Communists and Nazis are cut from the same Leftist cloth - BOTH see the centralized state as superior to the market and inanely believe that "scientific socialism" can work better than the invisible hand of the market.

NOTHING has ever improved upon the invisible hand of market forces.

Nazis, Communists, Progressives, utopianists, luddites - the name changes but the adherance to the centralized state and opposition to individualism, private property rights and Liberty remain constant.

JMK said...

A GREAT website;

Hitler was a Leftist;

Seane-Anna said...

Hey JMK! Thanks for telling me about the website revealing that Hitler was a leftist. I'm finding some quite interesting stuff on there. I especially like the picture of the Soviet swastika. A SOVIET swastika! I KNEW Hitler and Stalin were separated at birth.

JMK said...

That's a great website Seane-Anna!

The initial qupte from his May 1st, 1927 speech that starts out, "We are socialists, we are enemies of today's capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance..."

That ONE statement, to me, that declaration endorsing economic terrorism, is worse than ANY ethnic cleansing.

Hitler targeted the Jews because they were among the most entrepreneurial people in Europe at that time. Likewise, Stalin, purged the Soviet senior Council of Jews, starting with the eradication of the Trotsky-wing, rigt after the Bolshevik Revolution was complete.

mccommas said...


Aren't you glad that some of Miss Seane-Anna's generation haven't drunk the coolaide?

After you and I are gone we will have her to teach a new generation our values. They will not die wit us.


Hey Seane-Anna

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I have to admit that I am a bit fearful of the future with this man and this congress. But as I would say if our positions were reversed, America has come through bleak times before.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with cheering the death of your enemy. I still have compassion for those in the crossfire, those who don’t know any better, the misguided, the fools, but for the main baddies, Hell Yah. Kill em and uncork the champagne. I just love it when some terrorist blows himself accidently killing no one like Ayers’ friends did.

I think the problem with a lot of Americans is they have had it to good for to long. The obituaries are filling up with our war veterans. In not to long the last of our WWII generation will fade away and with them their hard learned lessons.

I have this feeling that there is some event soon to befall us that will relearn that lesson for us. Maybe nuclear weapons used as a terrorist weapon for the first time? Was I foolish to hope that wouldn’t be necessary? What distresses me most is not a change in administration but the rejection of patriotism or Michele Obama’s conditional love of country. It’s an epidemic. If anything will be the downfall of this nation, that will be it.

If 9-11 was a warning, did we heed it? Bush leaves office with so much scorn and ridicule. I keep telling myself that pride is not a good thing to have in politics. Bush prevailed where he needed to. So what if he is not popular. Does that matter? I think in the context of the next four years though that Bush’s legacy will be judged more fairly.

The local press a month ago wrote up a visit by domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. He lectured at UCONN to a bunch of know nothing dummies. This is the same UCONN that refused to let Ann Coulter speak over hecklers. I was just aghast that he would be treated like some old wise grandfatherly figure. What has become of the Forth estate? Standards have been forgotten. There was not one critical or balanced factoid in the whole article.

Ever see the TV Movie V? That film chilled me to the bone. It was like a race memory of the Nazi’s was written in my DNA. The propaganda from that film so remarkably resembles the uncritical MSP we have now.

The article starts out ridiculing Sarah Palin’s characterization of Ayers as a domestic terrorist and the article carefully points out that no one died in any of his bombs. You will never find a better example of rationalization.

Well the fact no one died is just an accident. I heard an eye witness on the radio show ‘Hannity’ that a woman with a toddler exited that ladies room scant moments before the blast. Did that fact make it in the article? No.

The thing with bathrooms is that there is no telling when some random person is going to need to use them. Margaret Thatcher had just used a bathroom and left just minutes before that Brighton hotel massacre.

I was going to respond to the article but I just never found the energy. These weeds pop up faster than they can be pulled. I felt defeat; I just sighed to myself and tried to shrug it off. I think I might use today to finally settle that score with a letter to the editor.

You are right. The only way we can combat this Fifth Column (and that is what the press is today) is to organize as we are now and set the record straight as best we can.

For now we have lost. It’s their move in this chess game and there is nothing we can do to prevent them from making the mistakes we know will bring tragedy.

Hey, did you get JMK’s ‘invisible hand’ reference? I did but that is only because I just took a macroeconomics course.

It really is true about that invisible hand you know. It is a force of human nature.

Well that was a really wordy, run-on entry for a blog entry on the Wizard of Oz! Sorry. I guess I was trying to make up for the fact that I have been ignoring my one true blog buddy. School is going much easier now that the recession has resulted in less overtime at work. I made the honor society. If you knew me better, you would find that hard to believe!!!

My Partner got me what I really wanted most for Christmas:

I am on page 17. Just got it last night.

Before I return to reading, I have to get all the housework done. I have a feeling it will get done in record time.

Again, Happy New Year sweetie. My resolution is to quit drinking on the week days. There are so many good reason for it. Since I have to work tomorrow, I start today.

Wish me luck!

JMK said...

"After you and I are gone we will have her to teach a new generation our values. They will not die wit us." (mccommas)
The sad thing is that it seems that every generation must relearn the old lessons.

Just when a previous generation faced up to the fact that FDR's continuing Hoover's "Progressive policies" didn't end the Great Depression, WW II did, the Boomers come along and refuse to accept those lessons, UNTIL Keynesiansim implodes under Jimmy Carter.

We'll have to see what comes now.

On the one hand, Obama's appointed a very market-oriented economics team and has a relatively Conservative Democrat (Rahm Emanuel) as his Chief-of-Staff, but he'll be pulled mightilly by a VERY left-of-Center Congress, which includes the likes of Dodd and Frank, who helped engineer the subprime debacle that led to the ongoing global credit crisis.


IF a second Gingrich Congress can take hold in 2010, Obama may wind up like Clinton (hopefully, for his sake, minus the sex-addicition stuff) who cooperated as fully with the Supply Side Gingrich Congress as Bush Jr. has with the Keynesian Pelosi-Reid one.

The past sixteen years have been interesting but odd.

We had a Democratic President cooperate with a very Supply Side Republican Congress and deliver the first federal budget cuts in over 100 years, the first federal budget surpluses along with them AND some of the LOWEST Misery Indexes in four decades!

Then we had a Republican scion of the last Keynesian President (Bush Sr) who'd excoriated Supply Side policies as "Voodoo Economics" before himself presiding over four straight years of doubl digit Misery Indexes (LY Carter did worse)....move Keynesian after only two Supply Side moves (an across the board income tax rate cut and a Cap Gains rate cut) and later cooperating more fully with the most Keynesian Congress in recent memory - the Pelosi-Reid gang.

The saving grace is that the American people aren't dumb and even though they aren't always fully focused or engaged in the political scene, they tend to figure things out well over time, so I have faith that Dodd's and Frank's calumny won't go undetected for too long and the Pelosi-Reid Congress (already HALF the popularity level that Bush had at his lowest) will continue to decline into oblivion, possibly to be replaced by 2010 (if we're very lucky) by a secon Gingrichian Congress....probably with a younger Gingrich replacement.

Happy New Year to all.

Seane-Anna said...

"Kill 'em and uncork the champagne." Priceless, Mac!