Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No Outrage, No Protest

Is it just me, or have other people noticed the deafening silence from the peace groups over Russia's brutal invasion of Georgia?

The conflict started nearly a week ago when Georgia dispatched troops to try and retake the breakaway province of South Ossetia. The result was a devastating counterattack from Russia, not South Ossetia. Georgia, crippled by the Russian assault, called for a cease fire which Russia agreed to then promptly violated today. There is speculation that the real reason for the Russian offensive is not to help the South Ossetians but to topple Georgia's pro-American government. And where are the peace activists?

Some might say that Georgia provoked Russia's invasion by trying to retake South Ossetia. I don't buy that. Georgia sent it's military ONLY into land it considers its own, however much the Ossetians might dispute that claim. The Georgians NEVER entered Russia. Therefore the Russians had no right to invade Georgia proper in order to aid South Ossetia. All they had to do was drive the Georgians out of the province; they had no just cause to set one toe in Georgia itself. And then the Russians brazenly violated the cease fire by encroaching on the Georgian city of Gori. Again I ask, where are the peace activists?

Where are those people who vehemently opposed the Iraq War before even one US soldier had entered that country? Where are the people who loudly and sanctimoniously proclaimed their revulsion to war? Where are the people who raucously displayed their virulent hatred of George W. Bush? Why aren't they now marching in the streets against Russia and Putin?

By invading Georgia Russia has committed a brazen act of imperialism. It's trying to redominate the countries it lost after the collapse of the Soviet Union. For years Russia has been outraged by Georgia's closeness to the West, especially America, and it's efforts to join NATO. The current fighting is Russia's attempt to punish Georgia for the crime of building democracy and acting like the sovereign nation that it is.

So, Russia invades an independent country in order to destroy its democracy and sovereignty and the peace activists say nothing. America invades an independent country in order to topple a murderous tyrant and the peaceniks have a tantrum. There's something wrong with that.

As I said above, there is speculation that Russia's goal is to overthrow Georgia's pro-American president--and send a warning to the US. I suspect that objective is one reason why the notoriously anti-American peaceniks aren't objecting to Russia's aggression. Any violence is ok with them if it's targeted, however indirectly, against America. Another possible reason for the silence is Russia's control over Europe's energy supply. Western Europe, particularly Germany and Italy, gets much of its gas and oil from Russia. Ticking off the slavic bear might have unpleasant consequences for Europeans this winter. So the shameful silence from the peace lovers is a combination of anti-Americanism and cowardly self-interest.

I'm praying to God that He will deliver tiny Georgia from the Russian giant. I'm not praying for peace. I'm convinced that the so-called struggle for peace is in truth warfare by other means. And since that's the case I pray for deliverance; I pray for victory. Victory for Georgia! And God damn the peace lovers.


elwoodin said...

Amen to that one girl. You have hit the nail right on the head with this one. The peace activists, who are so up in arms about anything that the United States does, whether it be to help a people with military or defend ourselves, hate this country and anything that could be helpful to America or it's allies. And I consider Georgia an ally. They are a brave and honorable nation...defending it's soveriegnity. God bless them and here's prayers for their victory here. This little country is doing nothing wrong.


Roadhouse said...

Don't worry, Obama is going to "hope" the Russians out of Georgia.

WomanHonorThyself said...

I'm praying to God that He will deliver tiny Georgia from the Russian giant. I'm not praying for peace...exactly hun!..but dont hold your breath for the lefties to care.................

Todd said...

These people don't have principles, just political expediencies. If Russia's imperialism were accurately labeled it would provide a stark contrast to America's war in Iraq. Not only that, it would draw a distinct difference between the U.S. and Russia. All the ridiculous rhetoric about how evil the United States is with Bushitler in charge, and how the whole world hates us, would ring as hollow as John Edwards' remarks on the sanctity of marriage. Their political strategy hinges on painting our country as the enemy. If a real enemy emerges, their strategy fails, hence, "It's Georgia's fault! It's Cheney's fault! It's McCain's fault!" etc.

JMK said...

Seane-Anna, it was NEVER about Iraq.

If it had been, there would've been protests by the same folks over the Balkan conflict - there weren't.

It wasn't about "peace."

If it were the people who've most vehemently protested iraq wouldn't have immediately embraced violence, as many of those protestors did.

It WAS about WAS about BDS...and it WAS about their anti-business, anti-Free Trade and anti-prosperity ideology!

But none of what it was REALLY all about sounds too good, so they use causes like "peace," and "anti-war."