Friday, April 04, 2008

Time To Protest!

In a previous post I wrote about how we conservatives seldom act en masse in support of any of our causes except opposing abortion. We complain loudly about the gun grabbers, the America haters and the illegal aliens but we do nothing about them. It pains me to say this, but it seems that we conservatives, while talking tough, have little stomach for even the mildest sacrificial action. Well, I hope to change that, at least a little bit. For the last two years I've an idea for a protest against illegal immigration, but I wasn't sure it would work. I'm still not sure, but if enough people join in it just might. What's this protest, or collective action, that I have in mind?

I propose that on the first weekend in May, Cinco de Mayo weekend, all patriotic Americans should "boycott" every restaurant in this country. Why do that? To send a message to businesses, which usually support illegal immigration, that their profits don't come from the illegal labor they employ but from the American worker/consumer buying their products. Nothing angers me more than hearing some libtard politician, activist, or economist claiming that illegal aliens are the backbone of America's economy. An anti-illegal immigration bill was recently defeated in Idaho because of economic fears.

Whenever I hear talk like that I feel personally insulted, as should you. Illegals make up barely 5% of the American workforce; the other 95% is made up of you and me. WE are the backbone of this nation's economic might. WE are the engine pulling this nation's economic train. Yet our contribution, our sweat and effort, is callously ignored by businesses--and politicians and activists--more concerned with profits and image than truth. If you listen to their propaganda you'd swear that illegal aliens are the only people in America who work. Well, if they're going to ignore our labor I say we ignore their cash registers.

Many industries choose to rely heavily on illegal labor but the restaurant industry is one of the most visible and easily targeted. Everyone knows where restaurants are and who's working there. In many eateries the illegal labor is blatanly obvious. If we, the totally dissed American worker/consumer, stop spending our money on them their income will come to a screeching halt. Facing a whole weekend of empty tables and dimished receipts will force restaurants and other businesses to realize just who's buttering their bread. Hopefully, that will translate to a very different stance on the illegal immigration problem.

Participating in this collective action won't be hard. All you'll have to do is not eat out for three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). If you think this'll be a problem for you start planning for it now. For instance, cook up and freeze some extra food now so you'll have "fast" food then. If you've scheduled little Johnny's birthday party at McDonalds for that weekend cancel it. Get creative and whip up an awesome party for him at home. Not only will this probably save you some money but Johnny will get a great lesson in the need to sacrifice for what you believe in.

It's not enough to whine and complain about illegal immigration. We have to DO something about it. We have to put our money where our mouths are. This "boycott" is a simple thing but it could have a big effect if enough people do it. I'm writing this post to get the word out to my friends in the blogosphere. Hopefully, you will then spread the word to your friends, who'll spread the word to their friends, till it's gone around the country. Those of you who are members of forums and/or Yahoo! groups can get the word out there, too. I've already done that. But however we spread the word it must be spread. This won't work unless we all work together. Are you with me?


elwoodin said...

This sounds like a great idea. I just hope that the idea can be gotten out and and the people can do it in enough of a mass that it will do something. I know that I will do it.

good Idea girl.....


Roadhouse said...

I've been using your idea for a few years now. I do it every day whenever I hear of a business hiring illegals. I also turn them in to the law and tell my friends about their business practices.

I don't know if it actually accomplishes anything, but it has started a few heated debates, (that I won) and it does make me feel better.

Seane-Anna said...

Hey Robert (elwoodin) and Roadhouse! Thank you sooooo much for your support! I really hope we can get this thing going. Please help me spread the word far and wide! If enough of us do it, it'll work.

WomanHonorThyself said...

I'm with u all the way girl!

Layla said...

I saw your comment at Angel's blog and followed here. Like Angel I am supporting you all the way on this. I have written a lot over the last several years against illegal immigration and the Hispanic invasion. My husband is American, born here, but Puerto Rican in decent. You should have read some comments I received. Like how can you betray your people. LOL! Talk about assuming something by a name, because I am white. When I pointed this out then they'd come back and suggest my husband needs to "correct me". LOL!

Anyhow, I like your blog and will link to it from my LINKS page.

Layla said...

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in coming by my humble abode.

American said...

Seane-Anna, support the endeavor, good luck with it. Keep up thee good work…

Wild Thing said...

Seane-Anna this is a great idea. My husband and I eat out for lunch every single day, 7 days a week. So the places we go are used to seeing us on certain days a lot of the time.

We will do this idea of yours for sure. GREAT idea!

OH oand guess what haha I was tagged and I thought I would tag you.
So you my friend are TAGGED.

JMK said...

This really is a great idea!

Of course, what much of the business community is trying to say (but they can't) is NOT that "illegal immigrants are the backbone of our economy" least not on the consuming (driving) end, BUT that the cheap (often below MIN WAGE) labor they provide, increases their profits.

Restaurants have been able to charge the same prices and pay a lot less for some essential labor and THAT increases the profit margins.

One group (the owners) benefit, while American consumers, American workers and illegal immigrants get abused.

Two of those groups (the American consumers and workers) are a vital national interest, the third, the illegal aliens are a criminal group.