Monday, April 28, 2008

Remember The Protest!

Hey friends! I just wanted to remind you about the protest against illegal aliens this weekend, Cinco de Mayo weekend. I can't believe the time is upon us already! Remember, don't eat out from Friday to Sunday to protest restaurants supporting illegal immigration. If we can send a strong enough message to the restaurant industry maybe we can also influence other industries that support illegal immigration. American workers are the backbone of America's economic might yet we're constantly dissed by businesses which think they owe their profits to the cheap illegal labor many employ. This protest is to let restaurants and other businesses know that they owe their profits to Americans buying their products and that if we stop doing that their profits will dwindle no matter how many illegal aliens they use. And we may be getting some unexpected help.

I saw on The Glenn Beck Show a few days ago that some restaurants are starting to hurt from the rising cost of food and fuel. Fewer people are eating out for purely economic reasons; this is forcing restaurants to try things like serving less toast, serving smaller pieces of cake, and charging for formerly free extras like extra packets of ketchup. If this keeps up restaurants will take a hit to their bottom line more painful than one weekend protest can inflict. So even if people aren't avoiding restaurants specifically to protest illegal immigration they're still avoiding them and that could be a very good thing for us.

And here's another idea to register your disgust with illegal immigration and our government's failure to do anything about it. Cinco de Mayo is on a Monday this year. If you have children send them to school in patriotic clothes. Deck them out in the stars and stripes. Make it known that you believe in American nationalism, not Mexican nationalism in America. A couple of weeks ago, in the wake of the Absolut ad showing the southwest as part of Mexico again, it was revealed that nearly 60% of Mexican nationals believe that the American southwest belongs to Mexico and that they are entitled to go there illegally. For them the border doesn't exist. But it does exist for me and for you. And we need to let the powers that be know that.

Patriotic Americans must get over our fear of defending our nation. We must get over our fear of being called racist, xenophobic, and/or fascist. Defending our country's sovereignty is none of that. Boycotting restaurants for one weekend and upholding American nationalism over Mexican nationalism is our declaration that America and her borders, language, and culture are worth defending and preserving. This is OUR country; come this weekend we need to act like it.

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JMK said...

Great post!

I've always said, dry up those illicit "magnet jobs" and illegals will self-deport. That's why the new E-Verify system can verify the social security numbers of prospective (or existing employees) in seconds. A few states mandate its uses by all doing business in those states....AND IT WORKS!

E-Verify should be mandated across the U.S.!