Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Church Of Black Racism?

With Barack Obama's win in the Iowa caucus and his decent second place finish in New Hampshire he is poised to finally get the kind of scrutiny that's dogged the other presidential candidates from day one. One of the things that I hope more people will pay attention to is the teachings of Obama's church, Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC).

I myself knew nothing of Obama's church until a few days ago while conversing with my friend Robert who blogs at Tired Of All The Liberal Rhetoric Out There. Robert has a link in one of his posts to TUCC's website where the church's philosophy is laid out. I was struck by how race conscious and liberal that philosophy is.

Straight away we're told that the TUCC congregation "is Unashamedly African people [who] remain 'true to our native land'". Further, we're informed in the church's 10 Point Vision that TUCC has "a non-negotiable committment to Africa" and to "the Historical Education of African People in Diaspora". TUCC also is committed to "Liberation" and to "working towards Economic Parity." Black liberation theology is the order of the day at TUCC, but not to worry. We're assured in the church's Talking Points that "African-centered thought, unlike Eurocentrism, does not assume superiority and look at everyone else as inferior." Oh. So racism is a problem of White people only. So much for Paul's teaching that ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

This is Barack Obama's church, people. Imagine if a White, conservative, Republican candidate for dog catcher, let alone president, belonged to a church that boasted it was unashamedly White, with a non-negotiable committment to Europe and to educating European people. A church that pushed a White Value System calling for, among other things, support for White businesses and the White family. The outcry would be deafening. As it stands, the silence of White and Black liberals on TUCC's questionable teachings is what's deafening.

Barack Obama has often proclaimed his Christianity in order to enhance his appeal to certain constituencies. He has said he's proud of his Christian faith. It's time we took a closer look at the kind of Christianity he practices. If it's the kind that says it's ok for Blacks, but not Whites, to be racialist; that rejects patriotism; that embraces socialism, then we don't need to elect Obama to the most powerful political office not only in America but in the world.

Ask yourself: do you really want a president whose first allegiance--after God, that is--is to Africa, not America? A president who revels in his membership in a racialist church? A president who believes in different standards for Whites and Blacks? A president who supports wealth distribution, i.e. socialism? How would these beliefs play out on the world scene?

How, for instance, would a president who believes that socialism is mandated by the Bible react to a UN proposal to tax rich nations? Can a president whose cultural, racial, and religious allegiance is NOT to this country be trusted to protect America's sovereignty? What about the war against radical Islam? Can it be fought vigorously by a president religiously predisposed to give non-Whites the benefit of the doubt? These are questions we must ask so long as Obama remains a member of Trinity United Church of Christ.

In America we rightfully don't have a religious test for those seeking public office, but that doesn't mean citizens can't question where a candidate's religious beliefs may take this nation. And if those beliefs run counter to the obligations of the office the candidate should NOT be put in that office. Based on its own website some of the key teachings of Barack Obama's church are at odds with the obligations of the office of president. Consequently we must be EXTREMELY wary of making Obama our chief executive. A Black racist is no better than a White racist, especially in the Oval Office.


Tapline said...

PGZ, An interesting post.......I'm sure there will not be a stone unturned..We will see????? stay well....

JMK said...

Dwana, I don't even like the use of the term "racism," because, like "Liberalism" and "progressive," it's been so deliberately mis-used.

What most people MEAN when they say "racism," is merely "racial or ethnic BIGOTRY," but to many Leftist bigots, it means something very different...very nebulous.

If the vast majority of "White Separatists" are also "White Supremicists" (and they ARE), then it stands to reason that the vast majority of "Black Nationalists" are also "Black Supremicists," whether they have the guts to admit that or not...and BOTH groups are motivated by a pernicious racial/ethnic bigotry.

Reverend Wright's "Church" is at the least, a very troubling and suspect enterprise.

David said...

Please read this response from the UCC:

Rex said...

Ah, finally, an intellectually honest assessment of the matter. Thank you.

As I’ve said elsewhere, in my view, the most alarming parts of Obama’s Church’s “10 Point Vision” are 4 and 10.

“4. A congregation with a ‘non-negotiable’ COMMITMENT TO AFRICA” (emphasis in the original).

If I offer to sell you my car for $30,000 and I tell you that the price is “non-negotiable” that means that either you pay me $30,000 or there’s no deal–take it or leave it. “Non-negotiable” leaves no room for ambiguity. “Non-negotiable” means non-negotiable.

Therefore, since there’s NO DISPUTE that he’s a member of the “congregation”, and that the congregation has a “non-negotiable COMMITMENT TO AFRICA”, it is impossible for him to faithfully take his Oath of Office as a United States Senator, President, or any other public office for that matter. Toward that end, there can be little doubt that the interests of the United States and the interests of any one of the nations of Africa, or any other nation, are perpetually in dispute, at one level or another. By definition, you can’t have both a non-negotiable commitment to the United States and to the continent of Africa.

If the words “Black” and “Africa” were replaced on Obama’s Church’s website with “White” and “Germany”, this man would be labeled a “White Separtist” by the media, and his political career would immediatly be over.

“10. A congregation working towards ECONOMIC PARITY”

By definition, economic parity means communism–plainly.

So, in sum, Mr. Obama belongs to a Black Separatist Church that is working toward communism. It’s their words, not mine.

This ought to do a lot to allay the fears of people who believe that Obama is a left-wing radical (sarcasm intended).

American Interests said...

An informative post on the subject lets hope the honest scrutiny begins in earnest...

mccommas said...

Poor Girl

Absolutely superbly thought out post.

I agreed with every word and it was expertly expressed.

mccommas said...

Also I wonder what this church would do if a white family wanted to join?

Or if someone with a white wife or husband showed up?

It’s just really weird the extent of importance some people put on skin pigment!

English Rose said...

He sounds great!
I hope for all your sakes that he doesn't get elected and that the American people see through him.