Thursday, September 27, 2007

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

I'm waiting. It's been three days since Iran's president Ahmedinejad spoke at Columbia University (CU) and declared that there're no homosexuals in Iran, and I'm still waiting for the homosexual/liberal/feminist protest machine to pour its foot soldiers into the streets in rage.

How many times have gays and their liberal and feminist allies angrily marched against their fellow Americans who happen to be moral traditionalists? Americans who don't support gay marriage or gay adoptions, for instance, but who also would never and have never harmed a gay person even verbally, let alone executed one. Yet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of a country that DOES execute gays, is invited to speak at one of America's most prestigious universities, and the overwhelming majority of those who oppose him are Jews rightly outraged by Ahmadinejad's pledge to eradicate Israel.

Where was the campus gay alliance? Or the gay student union? Where were the campus' feminist groups? Where were the student Democrats? Where were all the liberal campus groups who would've been out in force if Pat Robertson, Ann Coulter, or Condaleeza Rice had spoken at CU, assuming they would've been invited?

Apparently, liberals' hatred for Bush is so virulent, so irrational, that they're willing to make common cause with an anti-gay, anti-Semitic, anti-woman Muslim fanatic just to embarrass the
president. And "make common cause with" is the only way I can describe liberals' deafening silence in the face of Mahmoud's hateful ramblings. This is a sad and sick state of affairs, indeed. Embracing the tyrant is more agreeable to liberals than admitting that the Right is right about Ahmadinejad, and the whole war on radical Islam, too.

I'm sure liberals will be incensed at my opinion. "We don't support tyrants!" they'll yell. "We haven't sold out our values!" they'll scream. "We're patriotic, too!" they'll throw in for good measure. I'm not buying it. If liberals want to prove they haven't sold their soul to the Muslim devil in exchange for a chance to jab Bush, they should start their protests now. They know how to do it. I'm waiting.


JMK said...

Don't hold your breath Poorgrrl!

The fact is that Ahma-nutjob's visit was more of an embarrassment for the Left than anything else.

That's why the far-Left has retreated to blasting Columbia University's President (Dr. Bollinger) for being "inhospitable" to a guest.

The hard-Left doesn't want America faced with the realities of Ahma-nutjob any more than they wanted America to look too deeply at the many vile abuses by Saddam Hussein, nor his links to al Qaeda BEFORE 9/11/01.

He and the al Qaeda-run Ansar al-Islam camps in Northern (Kurdish) Iraq shared a common enemy - the Kurds!

NO! The hard-Left does NOT want Americans to see the actual people behind the "rogue" tags applied to them. It just might enrage many Americans.

Yes, gays are routinely stoned to death under Sharia-Law, adulteress women are also put to death, as are converts, infidels and other assorted "enemies of Islam."

And YET, the far-Left in this country says things like, "Can you believe they allowed a head of state who routinely spies on his people, engaged in killing civilians in other nations, cruelly restricts the rights of his own people and has developped nuclear weapons to speak before the UN?! Yes, George W. Bush is speaking at the UN today..."

THAT is sedition!

THAT is blatant anti-Americanism!!!

THAT should be a "hanging offense!!!"

PoorGrrl said...

Wow! You really know how to speak the truth, JMK! Where did you get that anti-Bush quote from? I can't believe anyone could be so psychotic as to say, let alone believe, something like that. Oh, wait, I can believe it, if the speaker was your typical deluded leftie. I've always wanted to ask those anti-Bush loons why, if Bush is so tyrannical, none of them are in Gitmo? I'll be waiting for ever for answer to that question, too.

JMK said...

I heard that quote on the radio news accounts of the Ahadinejad protests. It may have been culled from D-Kos or the Democratic Underground, as it sound slike their kind of venom, but I'm not sure.

I can understand people not liking Bush and disagreeing with specific policies, but the far-Left doesn't do that!

They NEVER make arguments for their positions or views, they use personal invective and attack.

You're a good egg, as they say, and a great writing talent.

Great job filling all five blogs!

Anonymous said...

RE: "Embracing the tyrant is more agreeable to liberals than admitting that the Right is right about Ahmadinejad, and the whole war on radical Islam, too."

Exactly correct. To protest Iran is to admit Bush and Rush are correct.

mccommas said...

This Gay Republican thanks you.

Where is the protest?

Another one of their heros is Castro. You know what he did?

He rounded up suspected homosexuals, stood them up against a wall and shot them all dead publicly.

You never hear about that. All we hear about is what wonderful healthcare the straight people get.

PoorGrrl said...

Mac, you're gay?! I bet you get a lot of flak from the GAE(Gay Activist Elite) Stalinists, as I call them.

"All we hear about is what wonderful health care the straight people get." Classic!