Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Quotable Quotes: On Liberals

"[C]ontrarianism is creativity for the untalented." Dennis Miller, on The O'Reilly Factor, Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2007, describing the treasonous liberals who are desperate for an American defeat in Iraq and the larger war on terror. Great line!


-Robert- said...

You are so right on it being a great line, but it also shows the stupidity of the Liberals thinking that we can run from this war, and all wars just because the commitment to them is harder than a first grader can cope with. We run from this war, like the democrats want, i.e. John Kerry and Harry Reid, then we had better be ready for another war. One that will follow us here to finish the job that they couldn't finish because we ran from there. They WILL follow us here.....then what will the "anti-war" crowd do then? Blame Bush for running and getting us into another mess...even though that wouldn't be his fault! They are soooo lacking in knowing what reality is.....


JMK said...

Miller's right about Liberals, but they're not merely "contrarians," as there are "contrarian investors" who make lots of cash betting against current trends, BUT Liberals aren't so much "contrarians," (going against the current grain or trends), but CONFORMISTS.

A lot of people seem surprised by that, but they really are!

Consider that over 80% of the mainstream media (MSM) and academia are committed Far-left Liberals and you can see that Liberals, are, for the most part, followers or conformists...people who don't much like to think for themselves.

Which probably explains why they're generally unable to make logical arguments for their views and why most of their views aren't thought out much at all.