Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How Many More Have to Die?

Tonight I watched The O'Reilly Factor as usual and there was a segment in which Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera squared off over the recent murders of three young people by an illegal alien (IA) in Newark, NJ. I was hoping that this particularly heinous crime--the three victims were shot execution style--would shake Geraldo out of his racially motivated devotion to what I call the Doctrine of the Inherent Innocence of the Illegal Alien, a key left-wing article of faith. It didn't.

As unbelievable as it sounds, Geraldo took the same illegal-status-isn't-the-issue position on these horrific murders as he took on the DUI killing of two American teenage girls by an illegal alien in Virginia Beach, VA. earlier this year. I was dumbfounded. In spite of the visciousness of the Newark attacks, Geraldo still believes that America has an obligation to give safe haven to violently criminal IAs, especially if they're Latino. What world is this man living in?!

Obviously, black and white Americans dying at the hands of Hispanic IAs don't matter to Mr. Rivera. All that matters to him is that his racial kin escape all responsibility for their actions. If Latinos break into America like thieves in the night then, once here, use fake documents, steal Americans' identities, and kill Americans with guns or cars, it's all America's fault. Five dead American young people aren't enough to change Geraldo's mind. So I ask Mr. Rivera, "How many more non-Hispanic Americans have to die before you'll put your fellow citizens before your race? How many more, Geraldo? How many more?"


Robert said...

Great post girl. I totally agree with you. Geraldo is so unbending on issues.....that it is hard to believe.


mccommas said...

It escapes him that if this illegal wasn't here he would not have had the opportunity to commit the crime.