Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Debate in Spanish? Not!

On the Glenn Beck Show tonight there was a lively exchange on the subject of the presidential candidates debating on the Spanish language tv station Univision. As you might've guessed, I came down on the no-debate-in-Spanish side. And I don't apologize for it.

I know that Hispanics are the fastest growing minority and I understand the desire of the candidates to win over this voting block. But they should reach out to Hispanics the same way they reach out to other Americans, in English. The candidates aren't speaking Chinese to Chinese Americans, are they? They aren't reaching out to Cajun Americans in French. None of them are campaigning in New York's Little Odessa neighborhood waving signs written in Cyrillic letters. All other non-English speaking minorities are expected to participate in this nation's civic life in English. Why should the standard be different for Hispanics?

The language of America is English. It might not be "official", but it's reality. America began as a British colony and part of that heritage is the language we speak. If you don't want to speak English, don't come here. You definitely shouldn't come here and then demand that Americans disown their own culture, including their language, in order to accomodate you. No, you have to accomodate America. Enter America legally, assimilate into her culture, embrace her heritage, and learn English as fast as you can. Do this and you will be welcomed; don't do this and you will be deservedly resented. The choice is yours and in the meantime, no debates in Spanish!

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