Thursday, May 24, 2007

Immigration Fraud

Like all Americans I've been listening to the "debate" on the Senate's new immigration reform bill and I'm sick of it, the bill, not the debate. Our great and wise "leaders" in Washington must think we, the American people, are SOS: stuck on stupid. HOW DARE THEY TRY TO FOIST THIS FRAUD ON US AGAIN!!!!!!!!! The current bill is just a rehashing of the 1986 bill which promised enforcement but delivered hordes of more illegals into our country, which was probably the bill's real intent.

When it comes to illegal immigration I no longer trust any mainstream politician except for Tom Tancredo. All the rest have sold out America's sovereignty in order to please and appease illegal aliens (IAs) and their pseudo-American enablers and to establish their "anti-racist" credentials, which means way more to them than patriotism. They have, in fact, ceased to be Americans, revealing with every move they make that they are now post-Americans more committed to the world than to the USA. Blame America First is their guiding principle and they follow it religiously, making sure that only America, and never IAs themselves, are faulted for illegal immigration.

The complete and utter contempt these politicians show for the feelings and wishes of the Americans who elected them is staggering. I cannot grasp how they sleep at night. We, the American people, don't want foreign nationals breaking into our country like thieves in the night and then getting rewarded for it, period. We elected certain people to office to stop this invasion and instead they've joined it. Their ears are cocked only toward the anti-American, pro-IA special interest groups and are stone deaf to the American electorate, which has no special interest group looking out for it.

I can only pray that this latest immigration monstrosity will be shot down like the fraud that it is. I, and all real Americans, want America's borders defended, her culture protected, and her laws respected. That doesn't make us racist or heartless; it makes us patriotic, and it makes us sane.

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