Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fuhrer Chavez Strikes Again

Apparently not satisfied with the emergency powers given to him by his handpicked legislature, Venezuela's communist dictator Hugo Chavez moved Sunday to silence all dissent by closing the only independent national tv station left in the country. But to the surprise of the tyrant and the delight of freedom lovers every where, the Venezuelan people instantly rose up against this blatant act of tyranny.

All over the country Venezuelans from all walks of life took to the streets to oppose dictatorship and demand democracy. According to the last news cast I watched, at least one protestor for freedom had been killed. This did not stop the protests, though. Sickened by their country's slide into socialist autocracy, Venezuelans are determined that Hugo Chavez hear their voices. They are loudly speaking truth to his communist power.

The only place there was silence about Chavez's dictatorial act was Hollywood. Never at a loss for words when it comes to trashing America, Tinseltown's communist sympathizing A-listers were tight-lipped on Hugo's latest move. Apparently not wanting to jeapordize his multi-million dollar movie deal with Hugo, Danny Glover couldn't be reached for comment on his friend's actions. Chevy "Socialism works" Chase didn't have time to explain if shutting down opposition media is what he meant by socialism working. Oliver Stone, Michael Moore, and Steven Spielberg were conveniently unavailable. Rosie O'Donnell was holed up in her multi-million dollar home writing nasty blogs against Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and Sean Penn was too busy blaming America for suicide bombings in Iraq to even notice what happened in Venezuela. If only the Maliki government had shut down an oppositon tv station! Then we could hear the Hollywood Left's make-your-flesh-crawl screeching that we know so well.

Hollywood liberals' deafening silence in the face of Chavez's blatant and indefensible act of tyranny actually speaks volumes about their true beliefs and values, and their utter disconnect from reality. Having spent the last six years trying to make a tyrant out of George W. Bush, they've completely lost the ability, even the desire, to recognize and condemn real tyrants. And they think that makes them intellectually brillant, not to mention morally superior. Meanwhile, the truly morally superior folks are marching against dictatorship in the streets of Venezuela. They have my heartfelt support and Hollywood has my heartfelt contempt.

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