Thursday, April 05, 2007

Get Tammy Bruce on "The View" NOW!!!

I'm sick of Tokyo Rosie. Like all true American patriots, I'm appalled at the vicious and psychotic anti-Bush, anti-British, and anti-American rants that have poured from her mouth the last several weeks. That woman--I use the term loosely--is the epitome of a fifth columnist, the traitor that works for the enemy from within, sabotaging his/her nation's ability and/or willingness to defend itself so victory will go to its foes.

Rosie O'Donnell--did I spell her last name right? Hell, I don't care!--shouldn't be silenced, of course, no matter how dangerous and hateful she is. No, what Rosie needs is to go head to head with a real patriot, an American who believes that America (and all of Western civilization) is worth defending and who understands that today's true evil is in radical Islam, not George W. Bush.

Some people have suggested that Ann Coulter should go on "The View" to counter Tokyo Rosie. I understand that, but I think that a better opponent for ABC's resident terrorist sympathizer is author and radio talk show host Tammy Bruce.

Why Bruce? Because Bruce is a liberal. Like Rosie she is a pro-choice, feminist lesbian who disagrees with many of President Bush's ideas. Unlike Rosie, Tammy Bruce loves her country and hates its enemies. She is a thowback to the completely forgotten tradition of patriotic, pro-American liberalism. Bruce could tackle Rosie without anyone accusing her of being a hate-mongering conservative. If Coulter went on "The View" everything she said would be dismissed as the ravings of a mad Republican. Not so with Bruce; she has the credibility that Coulter doesn't have.

So I think all true patriots should contact ABC and demand that Tammy Bruce be booked on "The View" for one week. Let a real American give Ms. O'Donnell something she currently doesn't have: a real challenger.

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