Thursday, July 13, 2006

Message to McCommas

Hey McCommas! I enjoyed your comments on my Ann Coulter post. Did you really bookmark my blog? That's never happened before. I'm glad you liked my blog enough to do that;it's nice to know when someone takes such an interest in what I have to say. :)

Yes, I've read the Willie Horton chapter in Ms. Coulter's book, "Godless". It was great, just like all of the five chapters I've read so far. I'm now starting chapter six. I'm reading the book a little slower than usual because I'm also reading Tammy Bruce's book, "The New American Revolution", and blogging, of course (and working!). I saw in your profile that you've read Ms. Bruce's two previous books, "The New Thought Police" and "The Death of Right and Wrong". Ms. Bruce rocks, doesn't she? It's amazing what you can learn from a gun-toting, pro-choice, feminist lesbian!

Again, thanks for bookmarking my blog, McCommas. I'm glad you like what I have to say. Welcome to the Zone!


mccommas said...

Yes I really really did bookmark you!

I find you refreshing and intelligent and you don't take yourself to seriously. I also think you carefully think through the issues rather than just reacting with emotion like liberals do. Also you get mad when you should get mad. I like that.

I did read both of Tammy's books and I strongly urge you to read "The Death of Right and Wrong". Interestingly enough, I saw both Tammy Bruce and Ann Couter both for the first time on C-SPAN. It was some sort of reception. Both I think had new books out from "Regency" (was that it?). Apparently conservative writers have a problem, or at least used to, gettting printed. The bussiness is run by liberals.

LOL thats almost a oxymoron huh?

Business --liberal.

Well anyway they were all sipping wine (drinking on C-SPAN?? How politically incorrect!) and giving interviews and I vaugely got the impression that the interviewers were expecting some sort of cat fight between the pair. I prob just imagined that. They did not speak to one another on cammera.

But I thought they were both very interesting and in Bruce's case, I have been thinking along the same lines as her for some time now. The concept of right and wrong seems to have died in our popular culture.

You can pick up "DEATH" for a song on ebay or Amazon. I always like to do that with older books. Why on earth spend 30 bucks for a book when you don't have to? Who cares if someone read it before you? Be a fiscally conservative reader. Recycle books and pass them on.

There is also a big idea in her first book that haunts me almost daily. "The Thought Police".

After reading "Police" I find it the case all the time that you are simply not allowed to think, much less say, certain things.

I am prochoice but I am increasingly angry that pro-life voices are drowned out. Liberals will NOT allow any sort of public debate about it. They will -- as Coulter also observes -- call you "scarey weird" and anything you say should not be repeated in any way. If a prolife person starts to say something than they will throw out "Its my body" or "if you don't like abortion than don't have one" and "choice" and a number of other key words and phrases to close down debate.

At no times will they allow you to refer to what grows in the womb as a baby.

Its a "fetus" you see.

Thats totally different than a baby.

Argue with a liberal and use the word baby and watch them inturupt you and correct you. "Its a fetus, not a baby".

So the thinking is if we can't admit the object in question is even a person than whatever -or whenever-- an abortionist does to it is no one business because the fetus has no rights of any kind.

I hope I expressed myself clearly. Its an odd thing that liberals do and they should not be allowed to get away with it.

If I left you baffled, than please refer to "Thought Police". She explains the idea far better than I. Now that I have read about the liberal tactic of imposing self-censorship on the masses I see it all the time.

I found "Death" far more readable than Police. If you read Death before Police than I think you will agree her writing is improving.

Another good read is Mona Charen's "Useful Idiots". Charen's second book isn't quite as good as her first and frankly I tire of Charen's cut and paste style of writing. Charen writes excellent articles and debates well on tv.

I just wish I could her about Charen's opinions in her book instead of anecdote of liberal run amok after another. Missing is Charen's intellect that makes her columns so popular.

However the chapter on the homeless problem, and how it became a problem, is a must read. In that chapter (book is called Do-Gooders btw) she abandons the cut and paste style and gives the reader a excellent analysis.

Don't buy the book, just read that chapter in the bookstore!


Slander is also a great book. Better than Godless. Outstanding. So is Treason (very funny), both by you know who!

Oh and one more story. Ok. OK.

You know how liberals hate Ann right? Well twice now I have been told that I should not be reading this book! They came right out and said it.

I was in the mall and I passed by the bookstore and Ann Coulter's "Godless" was on display where you could not miss it. Well after seeing she wrote a chapter about Willie Horton I had to buy it.

(I got into poltics in 1988 because I was absolutely furious that the Democrats nominated a man who thought first degreee killers deserved weekend furloughs. I was scared such a person could be elected and what damage he might do)

So I paid by credit card and miricle of miricles my purchase was approved. The young lady who rang me up then told me that she thought people should be PAID MONEY for reading this book -- instead of the other way around.


And a old lady at work told me that I its a no-no to be reading this book.

Oh really?

Forbidden knowledge huh?

See how they try to hide certain opinions?

They are scared because they know they are losing.

-- And you know now that I think about it, the saleman at Barnes and Noble was pretty darn snippy when I was requesting Bruce's "Thought Police".

"Its out of print" he says aggressively, sticking up his nose.

Well I bought it on-line and I read it.


mccommas said... is the best place to get books. How could I have not mentioned that?

mccommas said...

I just ran accross a superb example of a liberal tring to shut a conservative up. -- And Andy isn't even all that conservative.

Get this. The Republicans in Hartford CT are having a news conference and are bringing up the touchy subject that the wealthy towns are actually getting cheated to darn much out of their share of state money for schools built there.

you can read it in full here'state%20rep.%20andrew%20Norton'

but here are the highlights:

After the conference these words were exchanged between House Republican chief of staff Andrew Norton and Rep. Christopher Caruso of Bridgeport (who really needs to get laid soon or we all will regret it).

This is from the Hartford Courant last year:

"During a press conference Friday at the state Capitol
complex, Ward appeared with fellow Republicans displaying
a map color-coded to show the amounts each
town receives. A separate map displayed the words
"Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport" to show which
municipalities receive the most money.
That map prompted a heated response from Rep.
Christopher Caruso of Bridgeport, who confronted
Norton after
the news conference.
Caruso, a Democrat, charged that Republicans were
being divisive, pitting the cash-strapped cities against
the affluent towns.
"You should burn that," Caruso said to Norton, a former
state legislator who was holding one of the posters from
the news conference. "You should be ashamed of yourself.
You know what,Andy, you should live in Bridgeport
for a week. ... It's just wrong, and it's offensive. It's
Norton tried to interject, but Caruso would not let up,
saying, "I think you guys go to college to get stupid. You
haven't seen Bridgeport, Andy, and you know it."

Norton finally responded, "Your mock disappointment
is just cheap theater."

Ha ha ha ha ha. See how he lost it?

Its not the first time with Caruso. He always sounds like that.

Burn that! Its forbidden!