Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lou Barletta Rocks!

In case you haven't heard, Lou Barletta is the mayor of Hazelton, PA. Mayor Barletta has taken on the illegal alien (IA) problem in his small city and I say, You go Lou!

It's sad that a small town mayor has to act to solve this problem because the federal government is so gutless, but I'm thrilled to see someone standing up against this danger to our country.

Mayor Barletta has enacted tough measures against IAs and those who help them. For starters, the city of Hazelton will revoke the license of any business caught knowingly employing IAs. Landlords who knowingly rent to illegals will be fined $1000 per IA they house. And English will be Hazelton's official language. I think I like that measure most of all.

Of course, Mayor Barletta will be called a racist. That's the pro-IA lobby's tactic of choice. But he's determined to stand against the IA menace, come what may. And I will stand with Mayor Barletta, as all true Americans should. He's protecting his town and, by extension, his country. Mayor Barletta is a real American hero; he rocks!

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