Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Read and Understand

Below is a quote from my friend--yes Trevor, I consider you a friend--fellow blogger and American soldier, Trevor. I want all you defeatists and America haters to read what one soldier has to say about his service in and for Iraq. Maybe you'll come away with a new understanding of how wrong you are and how good American warriors like Trevor are. Read and understand.

Having been in Baghdad for several months now, I’m more cognizant than ever of my own mortality, and of the expiration date that all of us have. I want my life to make sense and mean something. I think it does, despite all the rowdy people back home who scream and slobber about the “illegal war,” poking at what is being done over here with a stick, afflicted by intellectual myopia, making the wounds worse by offering stinging criticisms but no positive alternatives to the current course of action. They ask so many questions, but are never satisfied with the answers. They gloss over the evil that is Saddam Hussein and the mass graves of somewhere between a quarter-million and half-million human beings. They ignore the brokenness of civilization in this part of the world and spend their precious breaths blaming instead of actively helping.
Partway through my first and what I hope will be last war, I’m more convinced than ever that war actually does change history, sometimes for the better. Whether this war, my war, will make the world better or worse remains to be seen. It’s up in the air. Much progress has been made, infrastructure built and lives improved. That is one side of the coin. There is the other, uglier side too. Many people have died. Many wonder for what? I don’t have all those answers and the daily shrieks of the superpundits on both sides have grown almost intolerable.
All I can offer from this vantage point is to add my labors to the vast effort here and hope. And I can honor those who have died at the hands of the savages.

Right on, Trevor!

To read the complete post this quote is taken from, click on willtoexist.com in my link field.


mike81605 said...

thanks for your comment at Will to Exist; I consider it an honor and privilege that you read about my son, SGT MIKE STOKELY, killed in action 16 Aug 05 south of Bagdhad / IED. Please let me know if you would like a free copy of the DVD mentioned in the blog; I'll mail one out postage prepaid if you send me a land mail address: rrmwastokely@aol.com


Robert Stokely

Izrafil said...

I really do not understand your point of view...First of all America goes to war illegally under the false pretence of uncovering WMD in Iraq, secondly to find Osama Bin Laden there...Last time I checked both of these have never been found. So what is America doing there? The answer to this is clear pumping Iraqi oil....now if a bunch of Iraqis get pissed off by seeing an occupying foreign army on their soil and decide to bare arms and shoot them down they become "savages"...but on what planet are you living on man??
You need to wake up and stop brain washing yourself... You are not dying for America...you are commiting suicide for Bush and oil, this war has made the world even more dangerous creating more haters of America...more terrorists. Here on earth I believe very few of us are actually entertaining this kind of one sided oil thirsty war justifiying savage mentality. We need not forget of all the dead Iraqi children and women, the number of orphans this conflict has created ,and all innocent lives lost(all nationalities including Americans) in this aggresssion by the most powerful nation in the world upon a half disarmed country weaked by a ten years of sanction.....Wake up!

Trevor said...

Yes, and let's not forget who did most of the killing of Iraqi women and children in the last 25 years.

It wasn't Americans.

Justine said...

Go to the FBI's most wanted page on Bin Laden. It doesn't say he's wanted in connection with 9/11. An FBI agent is reported to have responded that this is because the FBI doesn't have sufficient evidence. Well, then why did you invade Afghanistan. Gas pipeline?
Yes, the Taliban are awful but similar beliefs are found (and promoted by the state) in Saudi Arabia - why not attack the Saudis - well they're your allies and they have oil. Some invested heavily in Bush's early forays into the oil business back in Texas.