Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Maximum Meaness

The Obama regime is despicable.

I'm sitting here watching Megyn Kelly's new show "The Kelly Files" on Fox News and I'm in a state of shock.  I've learned that the families of five of our warriors killed in Afghanistan will be denied death benefits.  Basically what that means is that the government won't pay for the warriors' funerals nor for flying the families to Dover Air Force Base to retrieve their fallen loved ones' bodies.  And this is being blamed on the government shut down.  Outrage doesn't begin to described my feelings on this.  This is the Obama regime's policy of maximum pain in action.  What is the policy of maximum pain?

Maximum pain is the Obama regime's strategy to rout the GOP by using the shutdown to cause as much hurt to Americans as possible and then blaming Republicans.  It's pure political warfare being waged on the backs of the American people.  Private businesses have been closed by the Parks Service.  Park rangers have been told to make things as difficult for the public as possible.  And now this outrage of denying death benefits to the families of our fallen heroes.  Corrupt!  Corrupt!  Maximum pain is corrupt.  The Obama regime is corrupt, headed by a Dear Leader wannabe utterly contemptuous of the limits on his power.

Obama must be made to know that he's no Dear Leader.  He's the president of a free, representative republic with a loyal opposition legally and morally entitled to block policies they don't like.  That's how America works.  If Obama and his Democrats don't like that then they need a BIG dose of their own medicine.  Maximum pain for Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.  YEAH!!!!


Skunkfeathers said...

soetero and his whole regime are a cancer to America and the Constitution. There never was any doubt to me before this, and now the whole world sees it. Only the low information morons don't as yet get it.

Seane-Anna said...

You're totally right, Skunky. What scares me is that the "low information morons" have enough votes to keep the Left in power and the rest of us chafing under their rule.

Skunkfeathers said...

That has been the deliberate campaign of the Left. Dumb down education; dilute the economy; up dependency. Result: low information voters who want to be "taken care of" rather than have the pride and ambition to be what they're capable of. A lot of intelligent but disgruntled voters need to get off their asses and get involved to stop the bleeding and start turning this ship around before it capsizes and sinks in a sea of Marxist feces.

Too bad Jihad Janeycakes doesn't visit..she'd love that last line.

Seane-Anna said...

Hey Skunky! Spot on, as usual! And yes, Jihad Janeycakes would love that last line, but she knows her leftist BS won't fly here so I don't expect her to be back any time soon.