Monday, August 19, 2013

Scary Stats

Earlier today while channel surfing I came across the Fox News show America Live with Megyn Kelly just as the show was highlighting some results from a survey on Americans' knowledge of and attitudes toward our 1st Amendment rights.  The results were downright scary.

According to the survey, 46% of Americans named freedom of speech as the most important 1st Amendment right.  However, a whopping 36% couldn't name even one freedom listed in the 1st Amendment and 34% of Americans thought the 1st Amendment went too far in guaranteeing our rights.  Too far?  What's wrong with those people?!

Those stats help explain why so many Americans continue to support Obama despite his disdain for the Constitution.  They also help explain why so many Americans buy the Democrats' mantra that such things as health insurance and free birth control are rights.  They believe such nonsense because it sounds good, it's something they want, and they have no other reference point by which to know what our rights and freedoms really are.  Thank you, public education.

Instead of endlessly complaining about leftists' assault on our constitutional rights, we rightists should be aggressively educating Americans on why we have the 1st Amendment and the rest of the Bill of Rights and just how precious and vital they are.  Then and only then can we begin to really defeat the left.  Many 2nd Amendment supporters say that an armed citizenry is vital to a free republic.  The scary stats quoted above show that an informed citizenry is, too.


Skunkfeathers said...

The survey is proof that liberal dumbing down of education and the push to create a dependency class that will usher in marxism is well on its way.

I thank God I have no kids the Left can pollute. As for me...they'll get me NEVER.

Seane-Anna said...

"As for me...they'll get me NEVER." Ditto, Skunky! said...

You are so right on this post my friend. But here is the really scary part. The left depends on voters who know nothing or are low information people like Rush calls them. This is a true statement. Obama and the left depend on people not knowing what is in the constitution, the first, second, third and fourth amendments. Those are the ones they are working on. If they can get one to fall, the rest will follow. It is our job, as conservative Americans, to teach people what our constitution says, and what the ObamaNation wants.
As for your new url...congrats. This is a good one.