Saturday, April 28, 2012

Double Tap

Have you seen the movie Zombieland?  It's a horror comedy about four people fighting to survive a plague of zombies that's infecting the land. The protagonist of the film is a college student named Columbus, played by the adorable Jesse Eisenberg.  Columbus has created many rules to help him survive in this post-apocalyptic, zombie infested America.  One of his rules is that when killing zombies always do a "double tap", that is hit or shoot zombies in the head twice to make sure they're dead.  The double tap is a good rule for offing the walking dead but it's a terrible and terribly unfair rule for collecting taxes, but it's a rule our friendly federal government is inflicting on certain citizens of our (once?) great Republic.  And just who are the targets of the income tax double tap?  The eeeeeevil rich.

Rich Americans endure a federal double tap on their income.  You'd never know this from the shrill class warfare rhetoric pouring from Obama and company, but it's true.  The dastardly "rich", those Americans making over $200,000 a year, pay a 33%-35%  federal income tax rate on their earned income.  If they invest some of their earned income and make a profit, that investment income, aka capital gains, is taxed at a rate as high as 25%, depending on what the investment is.  So, the income rich people earn from their jobs--yes, most rich people work--is taxed.  Then any profit made from investing that already taxed earned income is also taxed.  Can you say, "Double tap!".  I knew you could.

So now you know.  The eeeeevil, blood sucking rich not only pay their fair share in federal income taxes, they pay twice.  But we 99 per centers shouldn't gloat.  The government, certainly not the federal government, shouldn't be taking anyone's money.  It's ours.  We earned it by the sweat of our brow.  The income tax, however, effectively abrogates our ownership of the fruits of our labor.  It transfers that ownership to the government and makes us wards of the state, living on however much of our labor the state decides we deserve.  And most of us meekly submit to this statist thievery, even arguing about how to make it "fairer".  That's like arguing how to make muggings fairer. 

The income tax must be abolished.  No one's income, however substantial, should be confiscated by Uncle Sam.  It's ours. We earned it.  It belongs to us. 

Tapping is for zombies.


Wise Conservatism said...

Double Tapping. And Zombies. Great example. I couldn't have done better myself, if I wanted. This analogy of what the government is doing to the rich is right on the money. Those on the left need to be double tapped in November, right out of office.

Seane-Anna said...

"Those on the left need to be double tapped in November, right out of office." I TOTALLY agree, Robert!

Wise Conservatism said...

Thanks. You inspired that line. *ss*

Tom's Place said...

Income tax is fine as long as everyone pays the same rate (i.e., a flat tax). The progressive tax system that we now have penalizes success and rewards mediocrity. I'm tired of being one of the 48% supporting the other 52%.

Skunkfeathers said...

The worst of that 52% (99% moron by any measure of intellect) are planning to disrupt and trash cities across the country today, under the auspices of Occutards Amerika.

And those of us that work are expected to pay for their wants, their needs, AND their marxist, anarchist damage.