Tuesday, February 14, 2012

As Athens Burns...

...Americans need to wake up.

The nation of Greece is facing imminent financial collapse and her people would rather riot in the streets than face the fact that their government can no longer support them. Americans need to wake up because we have a president who's determined to turn our country into the kind of welfare state that's bankrupted Greece.

America is an exceptional nation but she's not above the laws of math. If she continues to spend with reckless abandon she will financially implode just like Greece. America has a president fanatically devoted to the false belief that we can tax and spend our way to a just society. We can't. We can only tax and spend our way into more debt, dependency, and enslavement--yes, enslavement--to the foreign countries that are financing our debt.

Americans need to wake up.

Greece isn't the only European welfare state facing financial ruin. Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Italy are also having problems. Yet, Obama and the Democrats continue to see European welfare statism as the example America should follow, the model she should copy. And a huge swath of the American people agrees.

Millions of Americans believe that the government's job is to take care of them. "Entitlementism" is their religion. They don't want to hear that the government is broke. They just want the freebies they've been taught all their lives are rightfully theirs. If they have any concerns about the debt at all, they believe it can be solved by taxing the eeeeevil rich. But in general, they're in deep denial about America's financial danger. These are the people who will riot in America's streets if this nation financially implodes as Greece has done. It's the natural result of "entitlementism".

Athens is burning. America is heading down the same path that's produced the rioting in the Greek capital. America is at a crossroads. The upcoming presidential election will put this nation on the path to more and more welfare statism or the path back to economic freedom, fiscal responsibility, limited government and the consequent prosperity. The choice is stark, and it can't be based on "what's in it for me?". Rather, the choice must be made out of committment to the well-being of the nation both now and in the future. Athens is burning. That's telling us something, if we have the ears to hear.

Americans, WAKE UP!


Wise Conservatism said...

Fantastic post my friend. It has been a while since your last one, but this one is all worth the wait. This one is one of your best ones ever. And it is true. Americans need to wake up to the fact that we are in financial trouble, and Obama is the cause of it. He is trying to blame Bush saying that he didn't know how bad things were.....but he knew. He even said so before he won the presidency. The problem is, he thought it was worse than it really was. Now, we are in so much worse shape after all of Obama's "fixes", and if we re elect him for a second term, this country will see what is happening in Athens and Greece now. Mark My Words.

Skunkfeathers said...

Nobama is determined to put as many voters on the dependency track as he can manage, thinking in his marxist way, "more dependency on government = more votes".

I agree...a sterling post, and one that educated people need to read, since the dependency class won't bother...they just want freebies with no thought to when the freebies they're dependent on, quit coming.