Saturday, September 17, 2011

If A Republican Said This...

...he'd be pilloried, condemned, denounced, and maybe even burned in effigy. But if a liberal says it, he gets a pass. What is "it"? Take a look.

While trying to explain the Democrats' loss of Anthony Weiner's 9th Congressional District seat in this week's special election, NY Representative Henry Waxman opined that Jews vote Republican "to protect their wealth." What?! Can you say, "anti-Semitic stereotype"? I knew you could. If a Republican said such a thing he'd be roundly and shrilly condemned as a rabid anti-Semite, particularly if he were in any way affiliated with the Tea Party. But a liberal Democrat can play on foul, age-old prejudices and the bigotry hunters just shrug.

Some might argue that Waxman's statement isn't anti-Semitic because Waxman himself is Jewish, but that just makes what he said all the more offensive. As a Jew Waxman had to have known the negative concepts of Jews he'd be conjuring up with his remark. Jews vote Republican to protect their wealth? Waxman might as well have shouted, "Those damn greedy Jews!". I mean, that is pretty much what he did say.

Now, to be fair to Waxman, the Congressman also claimed that "misunderstanding of Obama's [Middle East policies]" helped the heavily Jewish 9th District go Republican. No duh. I'd say Obama virtually selling out Israel was the reason 9th District Jews elected Republican Bob Turner. Trying to protect their wealth? How about trying to protect their lives by voting for the party that staunchly supports the survival of Israel and, hence, of Jews generally? Congressman Waxman, and all Democrats, need to wise up. The policies of their messiah lost the 9th District and will lose the nation in 2012. The Democrats need to face that hard truth and stop dredging up racist stereotypes to explain their defeat. Jews support those who support their survival. It's that simple. Congressman Waxman, of all people, should know that. Now, I think, he does.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree. Was going to do a post on this subject, but, decided against it this time.....glad you picked up the slack. And you did a great job. This is something that you are right about. If a Republican said this he or she would be strung up and hung. It always amazes me that the democrats can come down on us for something and then turn around and do exactly the same thing and expect no one to say anything. Sadly, most of the time no one does, and they get away with it. Glad we are starting to speak up about their inconsistencies.

Great post my friend.

WomanHonorThyself said...

amen how...any Jew could have put this Jew hater in the WH is beyond the pale to begin with~! God bless u and keep the faith!!!

Skunkfeathers said...

Waxman is a libtard before he's an American or a Jew. That's where his priority is.