Sunday, July 03, 2011

I'm An American!

Tomorrow is July 4th, the birthday of the greatest nation the world has ever seen. Rather than write about my feelings for this land, I've decided to treat all of you to a musical tribute to my awesome America, courtesy of the rock band Stuck Mojo. Below is the video to their song, "I'm American". This is hard rockin', in-yo'-face, patriotic rock, the kind of music I wish epitomized the rock world. Sadly, it doesn't, but with an example like Stuck Mojo maybe up and coming rockers will realize that you don't have to be an Obama loving, blame-America-first, liberal to authentically rock out. So grab your flag, pull up a chair, and get ready to rock your love for the good ol' USA and your gratitude to God for making you American. You're an American!

I'm American
by Stuck Mojo

1 comment: said...

I have been a rock and roll lover since the 60's and I wouldn't listen to any other music. Now I mostly listen to country, because it is more like what I listened to as a kid, and growing up, and it is patriotic. Rock sadly hasn't been. But this is a breath of fresh air....and like you said, I hope it is the beginning of something new coming down the pike. Patriotic Rock and Roll. Wish I had thought of that when my group was together.