Friday, February 18, 2011

Ann Coulter On Conservative Gays

I love Ann Coulter. I know she often has a, shall we say, forceful tone but that's why I love her. Coulter is a fiscally and socially conservative, Christian woman and she's unapologetic and fearless about it. So, when I heard that Coulter had endorsed GOProud, a conservative gay group, participating in CPAC this year, I was surprised and a little concerned. I've always thought of support for the gay agenda as a social Left cause at odds with conservatism's traditionalism. When Coulter endorsed the Republican gay group I was afraid she'd turned against the fight for traditional values. I needn't have worried and the video below shows why.

I agree almost completely with Ann in this video. She says better than I ever could how you can be a "friend of the gays" without jumping on the gay agenda bandwagon. I've always felt that was true, but sometimes I get demoralized by the constant shrieks of "Homophobe!" flung at traditional people. Coulter shows how stupid it is to brand belief in traditional marriage, for instance, as homophobic. This is just what I needed to hear. I'm a social conservative. I believe in traditional values, especially traditional marriage. And I don't hate gay people. Thank you, Ann Coulter, for explaining that.


Skunkfeathers said...

Yep...libtards like your long-absent fan, Jihad Janeycakes, hate Ann 'cuz Ann's a scrapper, and doesn't take any libtard crap without tossing right back in their hypocritical faces.

Anonymous said...

Ann nailed it. Not all of us fags agree with GOProud or any sort of group identity politics. Some of us believe that individual rights are enough.

Andy D said...

She brings up some great points in this clip. I have always liked Coulter because she isn't afraid to tell anyone in the media what her opinion is and why she feels she's right. As you said, she's unapologetic about who she is. We need more conservatives like that.