Monday, December 13, 2010

Why Isn't This Racist?

Well, the Chosen One worked out a deal with Republicans on the Bush tax cuts. Obama agreed to extend the cuts for ALL Americans, not just the middle class and, exchange, the Republicans agreed to extend unemployment benefits for some people for another year and one month. As compromises go, this one was pretty mundane to me, but not to Obama's liberal base, and that's the interesting part here.

Remember when the Tea Party movement first started? What was the movement accused of? Racism, right? Most of the Tea Partiers were White and that was supposedly prima facie evidence that their movement was anti-Black. After all, what motive but racism could White people have for criticizing America's first Black president? White criticism equalled racism; that was the formula, until just a few days ago.

Obama's agreement with the Republicans on the tax cuts has enraged his liberal base. Even now, they are in a virtual revolt against their erstwhile messiah. For the last several days White politicians have been all over the tv lashing out at Obama. And no one's accusing them of racism. Indeed, the very people who were sanctimoniously yelling, "Raaaaacist!" at the Tea Partiers for criticizing Obama are now yelling, "F--k the president!". But the Congressional Black Caucus, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Jeanane Garofalo are all silent.

This is solid proof that, for the Left, dissent isn't a right but a strategy to advance their agenda. And playing the race card is an intergral part of that strategy. Leftists originally saw criticism of Obama as a threat to their agenda and tried to discredit the critics by smearing them as racists. Now, though, Leftists see Obama's tax compromise as a threat to their agenda and are going after Obama for his heresy. But their angry revolt against the Chosen One will never be characterized as racist. You see, criticism of Obama or Blacks generally, is racist ONLY when it threatens the Left's objectives. That's why all those White liberals can unload on Obama without being smeared as haters. It's all about advancing the Left. And you actually thought liberals cared about stopping racism. Silly you.

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There is one thing on this that really erks me. The media, and Obama and the rest of them only call this TAX CUTS. They are not. They haven't been tax cuts since Bush initiated them 7 years ago. Since then they have been the tax code. NOTHING MORE. I actually called the radio station today and told them to stop calling them Tax cuts because they are not. The phone line went silent. Don't think they knew what to say....*ss*
Great post my usual.

JMK said...

That's very true what you observe about how when the Left disagrees with Obama he's wrong and, of course, they're "not racist".

The "racism" canard is not only over-used and over-hyped, it's been weaponized by vile, even witless liberals, who are all too often themselves drenched in personal animus and bigotry (a/k/a "racism").

As an example, the Vulcans, a black fraternal organization within the FDNY, currently suing the City of NY and the FDNY for "racial discrimination" due to the "disparate impact that Department's entrance exams seem to have on black applicants, routinely exhibit racial bigotry in even their most routine dealings.

Take for example that 343 FDNY firefighters were killed on 9/11 (12 of them black) other fraternal organization (Irish, Italian, Jewish, etc) would ever consider a reference to only their own members killed that day, but the Vulcans have emblazened hats, tee shirts, etc with the phrase, "Remember the twelve".

Bigots LOVE projecting their own bigotry onto others!