Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Judgement Day

It's finally here! 2010 election day, the day that's been looming in the minds of Americans for a year.

I did my civic duty after work and voted. It was a cold and rainy day today and it would've been much nicer to just go home after work and curl up with a cup of hot chocolate. But I was going to vote, no matter what. And not just because I believe voting is an important duty of citizenship and not just a right. No, I was determined to vote today because I wanted to be part of putting a stop to Obamaism. No matter how liberals will try to spin it, this election is a referendum on Obama's policies. I wanted to go on record with my disgust for the president's socialistic, fiscally irresponsible, and unconstitutional "change". Millions of other Americans did too. Now that we have, the results are coming in.

I've been glued to Fox News for nearly two hours now. I can't believe I'm following election results like a Cowboys game. I've never been this excited about an election, ever. So far, the election is breaking pretty much like all the polls said it would. The Republicans are poised to take over the House and to make gains in, but not win, the Senate. The exciting part, for me at least, is seeing by how much the Republicans are winning, what the unexpected wins and losses are, and how the Dems are spinning it all.

One of the most interesting races to me is the Senate race in West Virginia. The Democrat Joe Manchin defeated Republican John Raese which, at first glance, looks bad for the Republicans. But how Manchin won might make the Dems wish he'd lost. Manchin, a pro-life Democrat, won in West Virginia by running from Obama's policies like a vampire running from sunlight. That all but guarantees that Manchin will vote with Republicans on many issues. That will be a Republican gain by proxy and the Dems will NOT be happy about it. But I say, sweeeeeet!

This has been a great election for America. Even though the Republicans didn't take the Senate I'm going to bed happy. Tomorrow when I awake it'll be morning in America again. Obamaism will be on the ropes and Americanism will be on the rise. That's the kind of change I can believe in. Yes I can!


wiseconservatism.com said...

It's change I can believe in too my friend. But, it is like I said on my blog today. The republicans were put in in a shellacking of the democrat party that hasn't been seen like this since the 1930's. But, the newcomers are only on probation. Don't do what they were voted in for, and they won't be there long. time will tell...and yes, it was a great night and I voted too.

Skunkfeathers said...

I mixed my viewing between FOX and PMSNBC...all professional on FOX, all batsh** crazy drivel on PMSNBC. I was laughing my head off, though, when Chris Matthews melted down with Michele Bachmann zinging him. Libtards are morons, and PMSNBC has become one of the centers of leftist moronism in media.

That said, I hope this freshman class better uses the mandate for change, than the Class of '94 did.

Tapline said...

Well, Don't get too relaxed....The work has just begun. Holing their feet to the fire will be the trick. many committee hearings on what has happened to our country and laws to reverse direction initiated. Hope=fully much as already been done as was the case with the Democratic takeover....Riding herd on the EPA will be a big one. also enacting laws to curb their power to re-iniate industry in this country....I'm rambling again....stay well....

Trevor said...

So what will change for the better now? I really want to know :)

JMK said...

I'm glad you voted.....I did too.

Now comes the hard part....the people have to stay connected and vigilant and the new class of 2011 has to follow through....we can't afford compromise after the avalanche last Tuesday. The electorate is demanding CHANGE....away from the "hope & change" tract embarked on starting in 2009.