Thursday, November 06, 2008

Judgment Day

Well, Obama won. Driven insane by fears of an economic apocalypse, the American people chose to elect as POTUS a far-left loon whose only "achievement" is being Black, rather than a hero whose patriotism is above reproach. DISGUSTED doesn't begin to describe how I feel. Imagining the Messiah's assasination was the only way I could get through the day Wednesday. And I do hope he gets assasinated. On live tv. Like Oswald. Then I'll know God is smiling on America. Seriously.


Roadhouse said...

Sean Anna,

I'd like you to read my latest article. It chronicles my reaction and how I'm handling this on a personal level.

FYI: The Secret Service is obligated to investigate any threats or threatening language toward a United States President. That includes blogs.

Be carefull, and count to ten before you type. I wouldn't want to see you hauled away on account of "him".

virgomonkey said...

I think it is sad that you wish death on another human being. How does this correlate with what Christianity and what the bible stands for? Do you really think that God advocates death just because someone disagrees with their politics? Is that the kind of God we have?

Understandably, you are upset about the election results. You should vent. You should express your feelings and protest against the decision. But to hope someone dies?

For eight years, I tolerated Bush and policies I disagreed with. I know you are stronger than that and can handle 4 years of a Democrat.

I must say that I am a bit disappointed in you, and feel very sad. :(

JMK said...

Seane-Anna, this isn't the end of the world, not even close to "the end of America as we know it."

We have merely moved to more Keynesian policies.

We had those under Jimmy Carter, they failed and Conservatism triumphed.

So, how'd we get here?

Well, the Moderate (Bush-Dole-Whitman-McCain) wing of that Party has always been complicit in cooperating with Keynesian Liberal Democrats, then with the Republican Conservative rabble they despise.

Fact is, the Republican Party is NOT a natural vehicle for Conservatism.

Sadly, since the Democratic Party has embraced the radical left, it's the best we've got.

But it's vital to realize that it's the Moderate Republicans that got us here!

Bush Sr., began his tenure by throwing Ronald Reagan under the bus, claiming "I won't be taking those afternoon naps, like my predecessor did."

He followed that up by abandoning Reaganism (the policies he once called "Voodoo economics") and cooperating with Ted Kennedy to undo his "Read my lips" pledge, resulting in him being only the second post-WW II American President to preside over 4 straight years of double-digit Misery Indexes (Carter was the other, although Carter's average, annual MI was 16.5 to Bush Sr.'s 10.5)...Bush Jr. began his tenure with some classic Supply Side tax rate cuts that increased revenues each year after, BUT aside from that ALL his other actions were Keynesian.

In fact, since Gingrich left Congress, the GOP largely abandoned Supply Side policies - Tom DeLay and Dennis Hastert were all too willing to feed at the government trough and play red team vs blue team politics and embrace Keynesianism in the process.

Keynesianism is failing.

The current credit crisis was caused by OVER-regulation (the turbo-charged CRA), which forced banks to make tons of high-risk, subprime loans.

We NEED to recognize that there are BOTH Democratic and Republican Keynesians, just as there are both Democratic and Republican Conservatives!

We need to sweep out the Keynesians from the GOP!

They're the ones who've helped tank the economy and get us into the current mess.

Seane-Anna said...

Roadie, VM, and JMK, thanks for your comments. Roadie, while I appreciate you looking out for me I really do hope "he" gets it. Hoping for something and planning it are two very different things,though; and if the Secret Service can't figure that out then it's got problems.

JMK, you're right about the GOP being a big part of the problem rather than part of the solution. If there's one thing I learned during Bush's reign it's that conservatism and the Republican party are NOT interchangeable. Thanks for reminding me of that.

And VM, I like you but please stop with the phoney outrage. Your side of the political aisle dissed and demonized Bush and everyone connected with him. Progressives rejoiced when people like Tony Snow became ill with deadly diseases. Progressives called Bush a terrorist, war criminal, and another Hitler. So please, don't pretend like you're shocked and/or offended by my hardcore language against your messiah. I don't see any reason why I should give Barak Osama* any more respect than you progressives gave to Bush.

*No, that's not a typo.

JMK said...

Seane-Anna, I hope what comes out of all this is a better understanding among Conservatives of who their friends are.

The Moderate-wing of the GOP (the Bush's, Dole's, Whitman's and McCain's) are NOT friends.

They'll trot out Supply Side language and "Conservative values" when it's convenient and then do their best to undermine those things when they get the chance.

The Keynesian Moderates in the GOP have controlled the agenda by controlling the money supply of that Party....they don't call them "Country Club Republicans" for nothing.

Conservative "Blue Dog" Democrats have far more in common with Conservative Republicans and vice versa.

And you're right about the left's vile BDS, but that's no reason for us to engage in any ODS.

If Obama's "Carter-styled" policies deliver Carter-like results, he'll wind up wildly unpopular within his own Party in a few years.

If he moderates on taxes and economic policies, then he'll do better, but probably still wind up very unpopular, especially with the far-Left precincts.

virgomonkey said...

Sean Anna,

Why do you group me in with the hardcore far Left? All those adjectives that you just handed over to me do not fit my profile.

Where is phoney outrage? I just wasn't expecting it to come from one who is pro-life and a Christian. That's all.

If you could give me some concrete examples of how in my blog or in my real life I have hoped that conservative people would die, then you can call me a hypocrite.

Thanks for calling me a phoney. And then for telling me to screw off in your latest Thanksgiving post.

And you call yourself a Christian? Your God is very different from the one that I learned about growing up.

virgomonkey said...

And two wrongs don't make a right, anyway. For 8 years, I kept hearing that "dissent was un-American".

I thought that conservatives were the party of class and my country right or wrong - America: love it or leave it.

You chastised people for questioning Bush and give your side a free pass for questioning Obama?

And for the record, I am attacked on a daily bases from both sides (the left and the right). I don't care about being attacked, but to be lumped into with the FAR left is insulting especially since I rail against them too.

But we may have to agree to disagree with what is Left, Liberal, Right, Far Right, Far Left, and being patriotic.

JMK said...

" For 8 years, I kept hearing that "dissent was un-American"." (Virgomonkey)
For someone who (rightly) objects to being misrepresented and criticized via overly broad and inaccurate generalizations, you make a huge one here.

DISSENT has NOT been declared "un-American" by any on the Right.

In fact, two of the most vociferous dissenters on Iraq are from the Right - Pat Buchanan and Lew Rockwell and his paleo-Libertarian group.

What HAS been called "un-American"...even ANTI-American is the far-Left precincts equating Bush to Hitler (seditious, at least), comparing the Islamo-fascists to America's Minutemen (seditious as well), supporting the likes of John (Taliban Johnny") Walker-Lindt and Lynn Stewart - both treasonous operatives who have actively supported those at war with America.

Beyond that, the "9-11 Truthers", those dipshits who claim that they have "proof" that 9/11 was an "inside job," have been called (appropriately, in my view) "dangerous kooks."

There isn't a single structural engineer among the "Truthers," mostly social science and Humanities professors, folks who took far too little math themselves to be called truly educated.

The danger of the "Truther" movement is proven by the likes of the dim-witted Rosie O'Donnell, who said on air, about Building 7's collapse, "This must be the first time in world history that fire melted steel."

That quote proved Rosie is a great parrot, but a dismal thinker.

(1) Fire DOES indeed melt appx 2700 degrees F.

(2) Fire DOES NOT have to melt the steel supports to weaken them enough to fail.

(3) Jet fuel burns at appx 2000 degrees F.

(4) Steel supports lose 90% of their tinsel strength at appx 1700 degrees F.

(5) Pancake (floor-upon-floor collapses) are NOT indicative of controlled demolitions. I worked 20 years in the South Bronx, in the FDNY and saw numerous pancake collapses in H-type aparments buildings due to fire load. It is NOT all that an unusual occurrance as subsequent floors can't stand the impact load of another floor falling on top of them.

The "Truthers"are not only a group of dangerous paranoids, they are decidedly anti-American, as their viewpoint is rooted in a blind hatred for America - "America would do anything, even kill its own citizens to bring about war for its own gains."

There's a huge chasm between dissent and sedition and dissent and treasonous rantings.

Anonymous said...

I saw this entry linked from another blog. Had to come to see if it was for real.

You are a piece of work.

Perhaps I should get a bunch of "christians" together for an imprecatory prayer for you. Because, that's what christians are all about.