Monday, September 08, 2008

Pro-Life Women

Sarah Palin's pick as John McCain's VP has elicited a torrent of responses from across the political spectrum. One of the almost instant speculations that arose was that picking Palin was McCain's effort to woo Hilary Clinton's disgruntled female supporters. Opponents of this view argued that however unhappy the female Clintonistas may be they wouldn't rush to vote for a conservative, pro-life woman. I believe that the opponents of McCain are right on this point, and that bothers me.

I'm a pro-life woman. I hold this view deeply. I've never participated in any pro-life protest nor have I joined any pro-life organization, but my pro-life belief definitely influences how I vote. In fact, being pro-life was a deciding factor in me switching my allegiance from the Democratic to the Republican party. Millions of other women believe as I do and I resent the way we are dismissed by feminists, liberals, and all others who claim to speak for women.

Feminists always portray anyone who's pro-life as being against women's rights. What, then, must they think of pro-life women? Do they think we're too stupid to know what's in our best interests? Do they think we're benighted relics who'll soon go the way of the dinosaurs? Do they think we're brainwashed by men or religion? Whatever feminists think of pro-life women it's certain they don't respect us, else they wouldn't act like we don't exist. It's as if they believe that ignoring us will invalidate our existence and our beliefs. It won't.

Sarah Palin's pro-life views will definitely be used against her in this election. She'll be condemned as anti-woman even though she's a woman herself. Being a woman won't protect Sarah from attacks from abortion devotees outraged by what they see as gender treason. We distaff pro-lifers are a strong folk, though. We can withstand the vitriol of feminists who babble on about "sisterhood" while rigorously excluding us from their liberals-only sorority. We won't let their hatred stop us. We will continue our struggle against the legalized murder of "inconvenient" life. We will support our Sarah. We will not falter, we will not fail and, come November, we will not lose.


Roadhouse said...

Great article once again. Abortion in general has been well off the radar for quite a while. The last time abortion topped the charts, the internet was in it's own infancy. I think the internet is leveling the playing field. The media will not be able to make the rules this time around.
The left might be "aborting" themselves by making this an issue right now.

JMK said...

To the political Left, abortion rights ARE "women's rights," as simplistic and inane as that may be. Abortion rights are called “women’s rights” because abortion on demand is such a central part of what was a generation ago, called the “sexual revolution.”

The sexual revolution was and remains a movement against individual responsibility.

heidianne jackson said...

great post, and i couldn't agree more on every point you made. and jmk, the sexual revolution did not empower women, it degraded them. any woman (or man) who thinks otherwise is simply trying to rationalize it.