Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Company He Keeps

Poor Obama! He just can't seem to get away from unsavory associations.

First, there was his infamous 20 year friendship with America hater Jeremiah Wright. Then came an endorsement from the New Black Panther Party, followed by the revelation of his schmoozing with unrepentant, left-wing terrorist Bill Ayers. Later, the Palestinian terror group Hamas voiced it's support for an Obama presidency. And now a pro-Obama phone bank in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. You read that right. In almost every primary a group of Palestinians has called Americans urging them to vote for the big O. What's Obama to do?

Of course, no candidate can control who will endorse him. I'm sure there are violent extremists of one sort or another phone banking for Hillary Clinton and John McCain, too. Still, Obama's track record of attracting disagreeable people to his cause should raise some eyebrows, don't cha think? I mean, the fact that people who hate and kill Americans believe they have something to gain from an Obama victory is telling, is it not? Just what do they know about the senator from Illinois that we don't? Talk about things that make you go, hmmmmm.

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JMK said...

That's a BIG problem for Barack Obama....he was able to get onto the Illinois State Assemble from a very Left-wing district with the help of ghouls like Ayers and the backing of Trinity Church.

He won the Senate seat because the Republican in the race, Jack Ryan's campaign imploded amidst S&M allegations made by his estranged wife.

Thanks former-Mrs. Ryan! THANKS a LOT!!!

Now, that he's finding all that "radical chic" Leftist "street cred" to be a bit of a burden on the national level, he'd like to distance himself from his mentors and early political advisors.

No can do! He deliberately sought these people out and now he's got to live with the baggage.

He married a black woman who is the scion of very well-off parents - she "earned her way" into Princeton as much as Al Gore and Ted Kennedy "earned theirs into Harvard, or G W Bush "earned his way" into Yale - who seems to have majored in "racial grievance."

Michelle Obama's graduate paper was a "poor little rich girl's" lament about how alienating big University life "after four years at Princeton, she still felt like a guest there." Of course, in her mind it had to be "because she's black," afterall, it couldn't have had anything to do with that sterling personality she's developped...nah, it has to be racial bigotry and not her own stand-offishness.

Barack Obama is obviously VERY comfortable with the victimology agenda as he's sought it out his entire life - Michelle, Jerry Wright, Bill Ayers, James Meeks...they all espoused the "blame anyone else but yourself" agenda.

Is that what will serve America best?

Not a chance!

Is that what's coming down the pike?

Could very well be.