Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stupid Word Games

Hey America, there's a new dirty word in our version of the English language and you better learn it fast before you use it on someone and then get walloped by the pc language police. The word is "articulate". Horrors!

Actually, articulate is bad only if you use it on a Black American. You see, calling Blacks articulate is condescending according to Black critics of Sen. Joe Biden and President Bush, who both described Sen. Barack Obama with the offensive word. Biden actually went one better than Bush and called Obama clean as well as articulate. The racist fiend! Gee, I would never have guessed that saying someone is clean and a good speaker, which is what "articulate" essentially means, was such a horrible thing. I guess I must not be Black enough to get it.

So here's what Bush, Biden and other Whites should say about Obama (and other prominent Blacks) in order to stay out of trouble: "Barack Obama is a dumb, dirty, ugly, thuggish, drug using, liberal, jungle bunny." There, "articulate" is no where in sight. Happy now?

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