Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thanks, Mac!

Hey McCommas! I just wanted to say "Thank you!" for the encouraging words you wrote in your comments to my "The Election" post. You're right, losing an election isn't the end of the world and may even be a good thing if we conservatives/Republicans learn from our mistakes and return to our fundamental values. I hope you're right that Bush will veto any attempt by the Dems to raise taxes and that if he does the Republicans will have the votes to prevent a Dem override. I also like your idea about writing a letter to the editor once a month. Actually, I've thought about writing a whole op/ed piece for my local paper but, believe it or not, I don't think I write well enough to do that. That's why I blog; I can write on any subject I want, with all the passion I want, without having to worry about writers' guidelines or using perfect English every time, though I do try hard to use correct grammar. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to a fellow soldier in the Cause. Your words meant a lot. :)


Anonymous said...


I so busy with work and school and writing papers I have not read my favorite blog in weeks. And lookit!

It’s about me :)

I hope you do write the paper. Come on -- Do just one.

Read the letters they print and you will see that most are not written very well. They are though the most interesting item in the paper. Its the first thing I turn to every day.

Make them short and snappy. Just make one good point and get out of there. Shorter letters are always more effective than a long opinion.

I find myself often responding to the really stupid letters. Its fun to make fun of liberals in a very public way.

Like shooting fish in a barrel.

And I do think you write well. My only suggestion is to make your posts more readable make more paragraphs.

My communications profession says every in nearly every class to make paragraghs that are one to five sentences long. It just makes them easy to read and you break after you make a point.

I wanted to ask you if you converted yahoo to Google blogger. I did and things don't work as smoothly as they did before. I have trouble signing in. I now have to use my email instead of my user name, Mccommas.

Also in my public profile I can't click on the movies or books I like and see who else put those same answers down on their profile. Those answers are no longer hyperlinks.



I thought that was a fun feature and I am sorry that is gone.

Oh well I got to get to the library and finalize my term paper. I took the day off from work to get this thing done once and for all. What a bear it has turned out to be.

I am writing about the Bush v Gore case. I don't think Bush stole the election needless to say. My teacher is a liberal so it has to be damn good in order to get an A. Which I doubt it will be all that great since I diddled so long.

Don't lose the Faith!

-- John

PoorGrrl said...

Hey Mac! Thanks for your kind words again! I just might write that paper now that you've encouraged me; if I do I'll be sure to put it on my blog for you and the world to see!

As for switching from Yahoo to Google, I'm not sure what you mean. I just sign in to Blogger and blog the way I always have. I haven't changed anything. Hope that answers your question.

Good luck on your paper. I hope your liberal teacher won't be too hard on you. And no, I won't lose the Faith! See ya!

Anonymous said...

I will tell you that I LIVE for angry responses to my letters. I have them all in my scrap book.

I treasure every one.

I hope you get lots too.

If you get them, that means you are getting through. Never take any of them personally. Politics is a blood sport. You have to be a tough marine. You can take a punch. I know you can.

As long as you are secure in what you say you never have to respond to feedback.

It’s a game.

Never let them see you cry.

Never respond to someone that has responded to you. Let them have the last word but deny them the recognition they want from you. Trust me on that one.

You will note that Ann Coulter NEVER EVER explains herself.

If you want to be like her, do the same baby! I do.

Being controversial is not a sin if you know you are right.